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In a music city obsessed with originality, Skyrocket is perhaps the most creative and inimitable cover band ever to emerge from Austin, Texas (or anywhere). An organic mash-up of successful musicians, visual artists, and actors, Skyrocket is an irresistible tribute to the very best of the Vinyl Era.


Skyrocket’s witty and fearless attitude all started when a group of friends (veterans from Austin’s indie-rock, alternative, and songwriter scenes) discovered their common craze for the days of anthem-hits, and one-hit wonders. From there, Skyrocket spread its wings to include all the AM/FM singles they loved growing up. With each band member proficient at many instruments, they boldly tackled material that other bands wouldn’t…note for note…to frightening levels of accuracy.


The members of Skyrocket bring years of touring, recording and event programming experience to the stage, and they approach all performances with an uncontrived spirit of energetic fun. Far from a typical cover band, fans embrace Skyrocket with the same fervor as they do their favorite original artists.

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